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Minute - June 23, 2007

June 23, 2007

Minutes for NAFA Meeting Saturday June 23, 2007

Board Members in attendance: 

Shreedhar Ranabhat 
Beda Nidi Dahal 
Ayodhya Batajoo 
Naresh Shrestha 
Radha Sijapati 
Krishna Sijapati 
Charyn Grandau (sitting in for Mark Grandau) 


The meeting was called to order at 3:55 by the board President Krishna Sijapati.

I: Election of Board Vice President was tabled until end of meeting to allow time for more members to show up.

II: Turn over of the old Treasurer's records.  Krishna Sijapati accepted the from Shreedhar Ranabhat for the years 2005 and 2006/2007

III: Old Treasurer's report

Shreedhar Ranabhat reported that the 2005 books have been closed out. The final accounting for the 2006/2007 has not been reconciled. Remaining items to reconcile with a final statement from the bank include membership renewals, fundraising donations, and scholarship awards.  At the time of the report there was $5,000 in the trust fund, and the balance of $2,130.15 (before reconciliation) in the operating fund.

Shreedhar Ranabhat will turn over the bank checkbook to the President.

The official address for the organization is the Sijapati address. 

IV: Summer picnic to be held Saturday July 21, 2007 at Blue Mounds State Park.  Shreedhar Ranabhat and Ayodhya Batajoo agreed to co-chair the event.   The park has been reserved for the day at a cost of $45. The parking needs to be reserved and will cost $65.

The picnic will again be a celebration of Nepali poetry in honor if Bhanu Jayanti.  Ayodhya will ask Dinar Shrestha to organize the poetry reading.

The following cost for the picnic was decided:

Members $10, children 11 and older $5 
Cost to member family not to exceed $25

Nonmember $15, children 11 and over $8 
Cost to family not to exceed $35

Children 10 and under are free

Set up time for the picnic will be 11am

Two meals will be served, snack and dinner It was decided that chicken would be served as the main meat this year.  A smaller portion of goat will be prepared this year for the dinner. 

Snack to include: 
Garbanzo bean cholaa 
Alu achar 
Bhatmas Sadeko

Dinner to include: 
Plain Rice 
Green beans 
Golvada achar 
Alu bodi and tama

Dessert to include: 

Drinks will be provided.  They include: 
Water, served from a large container 
Soda, in large bottles 

Alcoholic beverages will not be provided by NAFA.  Members may bring their own for their own use.

The committee chairs for other picnic activities are as follows: 
Entertainment: Naresh Shrestha 
Children entertainment: Radha Sijapati 
Games/sports: Beda Nidi Dahal 
Clean up: unfilled 

V:  Selection of advisory board members: 

It was decided to table this item until next meeting.

VI:  Election of Vice President 

Shreedhar Ranabhat was unanimously elected as board vice president.  

The meeting was adjourned at 5:20. 

Respectfully submitted by: 
Charyn Grandau on behalf of NAFA Board Secretary Mark Grandau