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Minute June 29, 2008

Minutes of 6/29/08 Meeting:

Meeting started at 12:30 pm.

Board Members in attendance:

Shreedhar Ranabhat
Radha Sijapati
Krishna Sijapati
Mark Grandau
Naresh Shrestha
Anju Chhetri
Archana Shrestha
Paul Benjamin

1) Secretaries Report:

    - By-Laws needs exact wording to revise By-Laws with election change rule.

2) Treasurers Report: 

    - Bratfest made $580

3) Board Membership

    - The board approved Archana Shrestha resignation.

    - We need more board members. We will appeal to the general membership at large.

    - We have board members that are unable to make the Sunday afternoon meetings. Would it help if the meetings were earlier 9am on Saturday or Sunday or perhaps a weekday night? Would it be better if the meetings were more regular, for example 3 Saturday of every month?  We are looking for input from the board members. Please respond to Krishna. Would it be better if the meetings were more regular, for example 3 Saturday of every month. 

4) Indian Association (AIA) Picnic, July 19th at Burrows Park 

   - If members attend as NAFA members, NAFA may be asked to share part of the bill.

5) Summer Picnic

   - Approximate head count is 80.

   - Call list was divided to confirm those that have not yet responded.

   - Paul is on pots and pans. If anyone needs anything contact him.

   - Paul is also the goat man.

   - Menu and various items needed were discussed.

    - The cost will be as follows:   

        Members $10, children (age 13-18) $5, 12 and under free. 
        Cost to member family not to exceed $35.

        Non-member $12, children (age 13-18) $8, 12 and under free.
        No family cap. 

6) Dashain

   - Monona Community Center has been reserved with $350. If we change location 100% of funds can be recouped if done before 1 month of date.

7) Scholarship 

    - To prevent the appearance of potential conflict of interest Paul will not be on the committee. Any other board members wishing to participate please let Krishna know.

8) Children's Program

    - Saturday August 23rd.

    - One idea is for kids to paint a banner that we can display at our functions.

If there are any deletions or additions to these minutes please contact me and I will make corrections.

Respectfully submitted by:
Mark Grandau - Executive Secretary
Nepali American Friendship Association