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Minute June 8, 2008

Minutes of 6/08/08 Meeting:

Meeting started at 1:15 pm.

Board Members in attendance:

Shreedhar Ranabhat
Radha Sijapati
Krishna Sijapati
Mark Grandau
Naresh Shrestha
Anju Chhetri

1) Secretaries Report:

    - By-Laws needs exact wording to revise By-Laws with election change rule.

1) Treasurers Report: 

    - Bank Balance: $1206 + 10,000 CD. 

    - We need to  close and report on the final numbers for New Years.

2) Indian Association (AIA) Picnic 

   - Picnic will be July 19th at Burrows Park.

   - Because it follows are picnic by a week wee will not be participating as an organization.

   - The AIA invitation to attend the picnic will be extended to our membership. They may attend if they wish.

3) ANA Convention

    - Convention will be in Baltimore on July 4th. 

    - Mark will send email to see if anyone from NAFA wishes to attend and represent NAFA.

4) Summer Picnic

    - Email soliciting members to sign-up will go out.

    - Members should respond by 6/22 so we can get a head count.

    - Discussed menu.

    - Setup will begin at 11:00.

    - Anju and Naresh will Co-chair the picnic.

    - Dinar Shrestha to organize the poetry reading. 
    - To be consistent with last years costs.

        From last years minutes:

        Members $10, children 11 and older $5 
        Cost to member family not to exceed $25 

        Nonmember $15, children 11 and over $8 
        Cost to family not to exceed $35 

        Children 10 and under are free

5) Discussion of helping purchase PA for Mayalu Band

   - Decided we would rather purchase new then used.  We need more information.

6) Guru-ji's visit -Nijananda Malla

    - Sorry but we did not have  enough time to evaluate the request. 

7) Scholarship 

    - Application requires 1 year prior membership before applying.

    - Confirm Paul Benjamin is on Scholarship Committee with Pratima.

8) Children's Program

    - Tabled till after picnic. 

9) Dashain

   - No update.

Next meeting June 29th.  

If there are any deletions or additions to these minutes please contact me and I will make corrections.

Respectfully submitted by:
Mark Grandau - Executive Secretary
Nepali American Friendship Association