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Scholarship Process

Scholarship Process

The process of awarding the scholarship was designed to ensure impartiality, bring value to the scholarship and inspire excellence in the college age members of the Nepali community here in Madison. The intent of the scholarship is to reward academic excellence and community involvement.


One year of membership in NAFA. Family and student members of NAFA are elegible. Past winners are not eligible. The scholarship is open to all of undergraduate college age for use towards education at a college, trade school or other program.

Application Items

There are 4 application item.
  1. Resume
  2. Essay
  3. Letter of reference #1
  4. Letter of reference #2 

Evaluation Criteria

Application items will be judged on the basis of  the following criteria.
  1. Academic Performance
  2. Leadership Activities
  3. Social Activities
  4. Volunteer Activities
  5. Cultural Activities
  6. Future Plans and Interests

Judging Process

Scholarships must be returned by the application deadline. All applicant essays will be evaluated by an independent  judge. The scholarship committee will evaluate the resume, 2 letters of recommendation as well as the essay. Those on the scholarship committee evaluating the application will maintain impartialityThe idea is that the outside judge brings unquestionable independence where the scholarship committee brings a more of  a sense of NAFA's Community values. All 4 items in the application package will be judged against the criteria with a simple point system. Winning candidates will be based on summation of all judges evaluations and application items. Application items are not required, but no points will be given for missing items. 

I hope this helps explain questions about the selection process. The  process is open to change from year to year, by the Scholarship Committee and the NAFA Executive Board, to allow for adjustments to  inspire our younger members.