Aims and Objectives


  •     Promote, coordinate, and facilitate close contact, relationship, friendship, and cooperation among its members and friends.
  •     Preserve, maintain, and facilitate Nepali identity, language, and cultural heritage.
  •     Organize social and cultural activities among its members and friends.
  •     Raise and manage funds to launch and run its programs.


  •     Gatherings of members and friends of NAFA to observe and celebrate Nepali and other festivals and holidays.
  •     Offer Nepali conversational classes for children and adults to promote Nepali language among the Nepalese in America as well as others interested in learning Nepali language.
  •     Offer an opportunity to learn and practice Nepali music and dances to conserve Nepali contemporary and folk culture within the community and beyond.
  •     Presentation of cultural and educational programs at different occasions and events to facilitate Nepali identity in the community.
  •     Furnish the knowledge about Nepal by providing a collection of audio, visual, and reading materials related to Nepali traditions and cultures.
  •     Maintain and provide an updated travel and immigration related document to Nepalese traveling or immigrating to US.
  •     Ease and enhance travel and tourism in Nepal by maintaining and providing current travel related information and/or documents to people traveling to Nepal.

NAFA also believes in building a strong relationship among the community and working towards the mental, physical and social benefit for all. For this, NAFA offers:

  •     Sports and games activities.
  •     Volunteer opportunities at different events and occasions.
  •     Opportunities to perform or present ones talents and skills.
  •     Opportunities to be connected at different levels by creating various interest groups such as literary group, artists group, sports group.