Meeting April 19, 2014

9th Annual General Meeting Minute

Date : 04-19-2014

Time : 4.30 PM to 5.00 PM

Venue : Eagle Heights Community Center

Members Present :

a. Purna Shrestha

b. Ayodhya Batajoo

c. Archana Dwa

d. Archana Malla

e. Rajendra Aryal

f. Rajeeb Karna

g. Surendra Prajapati

h. Narendra Thapa

i. Himal Regmi

j. Abiskar Bharati

Agenda :

1. Present NAFA's annual report and future plans by President

2. Present annual financial report by treasurer for the year 2070 (FY 2013-14)

3. Volunteer appreciation by Secretary


1. Present NAFA's annual report and future plans

- President, Purna Shrestha, welcomed and wished new year.

- He presented annual report of NAFA that included activities of NAFA, what are the vision of NAFA and what are the future plans of this community run organization.

2. Present financial report for the year 2070 (FY 2013-14)

- Treasurer, Himal Regmi, presented the annual financial activities that took place throughout the year in 2070.

- He informed the members of total spending and total savings for the organization. By issuing financial statements all the members of NAFA he acknowledged that NAFA has the following fund on April 18th, 2014

Fund Collected : $7,351.00

Fund Used : $5,839.00

The fund generated during the year : $1,692.00

- During this time members were asked if they have any objection or query, if not approve the AGM by applause. Members approved by big applause.

3. Volunteer Appreciation by Secretary

- Secretary, Abiskar Bharati, wished new year and highlighted on volunteerism.

- Presented a PowerPoint slide with each NAFA event and volunteers involved in that event along with respective coordinators of that event plus the fund generated.

- Presented new "Volunteer of the Year" appreciation certificate to Aesasbi Chhetri.

- Spoke about the dedication, involvement and perseverance shown by a family of NAFA to the community and president presented token of love & remembrance to Bharat Acharya & Family.

All of the AGM agenda was approved by Members and Board as well by a big applause.

Minute Prepared By : Abiskar Bharati