NAFA Scholarship

नाफा छात्रवृत्ति

NAFA Community Service, Academic Excellence, and Leadership Award, or simply, NAFA Scholarship is an annual award presented to NAFA family and students.

Awarding the scholarship was designed to ensure impartiality, bring value to the scholarship, and inspire excellence in the college, trade school, or other program-bound members of the NAFA community.

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Scholarship Process

The process of awarding the scholarship was designed to ensure impartiality, bring value to the scholarship, and inspire excellence in the college, trade school, or other program-bound members of the NAFA community. The intent of the scholarship is to reward academic excellence and community involvement.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Open to all students for use towards education at a college, trade school or other programs.

  • Family and student members of NAFA are eligible.

  • Completed a minimum one year as a NAFA member.

  • Minimum 40 hours of community service with NAFA.

  • Past winners are not eligible.

Application Items

  1. Resume

  2. Essay

  3. Letter of Reference #1

  4. Letter of Reference #2

Evaluation Criteria

Application items will be judged on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. Academic Performance

  2. Leadership Activities

  3. Social Activities

  4. Volunteer Activities

  5. Cultural Activities

  6. Future Plans and Interests

Judging Process

  • Scholarship application items must be submitted by the deadline.

  • An independent judge will review the applicants' essays.

  • The Scholarship Committee will evaluate the resume, 2 letters of recommendations, and the essay of the applicant(s).

  • The Scholarship Committee evaluating the application will maintain impartiality.

  • The independent judge brings impartiality, whereas the Scholarship Committee brings NAFA's community values.

  • All 4 items in the application package will be judged against the criteria with a simple point system.

  • Recipients will be based on summation of all the judges' evaluations and application items.

  • Application items are not required, but no points will be given for missing items.

This explains the questions about the selection process. The process is open to change from year to year, with discussion among the NAFA Scholarship Committee and the NAFA Executive Board, to allow for adjustments necessary to inspire future scholarship recipients.

Scholarship Schedule

  • Step 1 Official announcement of the Scholarship.

  • Step 2 Submission deadline for the Application Items.

  • Step 3 Coordinator reviews applicants' 40 volunteering hours within NAFA.

  • Step 4 An independent judge reviews the applicants' essays.

  • Step 5 The Scholarship Committee reviews the applicant's Application Items and NAFA volunteer hours.

  • Step 6 The Scholarship Committee informs the Executive Board of the Scholarship Recipient(s).

  • Step 7 Awarding of Scholarship(s) at NAFA Dashain Program or NAFA Nepali Sahitya Sanjh.

Scholarship Recipients

2022 Scholarship Recipient(s)

  • Ojaswi Pasachhe

2021 Scholarship Recipient(s)

  • Ishita Luitel

  • Lata Sharma

  • Pranab Adhikari

2020 Scholarship Recipient(s)

  • Natasha Rizal

2019 Scholarship Recipient(s)

  • Arhat Dwa

  • Prasun Guragain

2018 Scholarship Recipient(s)

  • Niriti Adhikari

  • Riva Shrestha

2017 Scholarship Recipient(s)

  • Ishan Luitel

2016 Scholarship Recipient(s)

  • Saroj Sharma

2015 Scholarship Recipient(s)

  • Aesasbi Kshetri

  • Melody Pathak

2014 Scholarship Recipient(s)

  • NONE

2013 Scholarship Recipient(s)

  • Abis Shrestha

2012 Scholarship Recipient(s)

  • Nischal Acharya

  • Samuel Ranabhat

2011 Scholarship Recipient(s)

  • NONE

2010 Scholarship Recipient(s)

  • Nimesh Malla

  • Pratima Acharya

2009 Scholarship Recipient(s)

2008 Scholarship Recipient(s)

  • Asmita Batajoo

  • Shrijana Acharya

  • Sneha Shrestha

2007 Scholarship Recipient(s)

  • Avigya Shrestha

  • Isha Shrestha

  • Ritika Batajoo

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