Minute - Feb 4, 2007

Febuary 4, 2007

Nepali American Friendship Association

Executive Committee Meeting

Sunday, February 4th, 2007 at 1:00 PM

Neighbor House Community Center

29 S. Mill Street, Madison

Meeting Minutes

Present: Anju Chhetri, Archana Dhakhwa, Shreedhar Ranabhat, Archana Shrestha, Kiran Shrestha, Krishna Sijapati and Radha Sijapati

Election Committee: Kiran Shrestha volunteered for chairing the election committee and recruiting additional 2 members. Kiran will announce the upcoming election via email and also by posting on the website.

New Year 2064 Celebration: The celebration will be held at the Neighborhood House Community Center. The date will be on Saturday April 14th or Saturday, April 21st during the late afternoon/evening. The attendance is estimated to be between 80 to 100 people and a potluck dinner will be served. Following committees were formed for the New Year celebration:

Food Committee Co-Chairs: Anju Chhetri and Archana Shrestha.

Anju Chhetri and Archana Shrestha will make sign-up sheets, assign, communicate and coordinate all food preparation activities.

Silent Auction Co-Chairs: Pratima Sharma and Dhana Shrestha

Dhana and Pratima will request donation of silent auction items from each family, price them and make sign-up sheets. They will also announce the winners, present the items and collect the money from the winners.

Cultural Program Chair: Radha Sijapati

There will be cultural programs for people wanting to perform during the New Year celebration. Since Archana Dwa will be teaching, coordinating and executing the cultural program for the upcoming Dashai Celebration, Radha volunteered to coordinate sequence of performances and preparing children for the stage during the evening. The program will start with a child or children’s performance and Archana Dwa will do the last dance of the evening.

Treasurer’s Report: Gift Wrap proceeds: $1,189.92

Additional surpolus from Dashai: $25.00

Total amount as of date: $6,171.51

It was decided that an operating fund of $1,000 will be left in the checking account. Remaining amount of $5,171.51 will be invested in trust account earning interest.

Membership Renewal: Shreedhar will follow-up, and contact people for the 2063 membership renewal (2006-2007) before the next executive meeting in March.

Scholarship: The Scholarship announcement will be made by Friday, February 9th. Krishna Sijapati will contact Pratima Sharma for announcement letter. The application deadline will be March 30th, 2007. The requirements are: resume, letter of recommendation, and an application with 500 or less words.

Dance and Language Classes: The classes will start on the 1st weekend of March. The Dance lesson fee will be $10.00 per child and $15.00 per family. The language classes will be free.

Dance Teacher Compensation: NAFA will pay $10.00 per session for dance teacher.

Children’s Program: Radha and Archana Dwa proposed a Nepali American Friendship Association Children’s Day 2063 in March for children of NAFA members. NAFA will bear the cost not exceeding $50.00 for the entire program. It will be a free program for all participating children.

Summer Picnic: Blue Mound State Park was decided for the 2064 summer picnic. The dates will be July 14 or 21 based on the availability.

Next Meeting: March, 2007

The meeting adjourned at 2:20 PM

Respectfully submitted by:

Radha Sijapati for

Pratima Sharma, NAFA Executive Secretary