Minute April 6, 2008

Minutes of 4/06/08 Meeting:

Meeting started at 1:15 pm.

Board Members in attendance:

Shreedhar Ranabhat

Radha Sijapati

Krishna Sijapati

Mark Grandau

Archana Shrestha

Naresh Shrestha

Ayodhya Batajoo

Pratima Sharma

Anju Cheetri

Paul Benjamin

1) Update on NAFA Activities:

- Welcome to Paul as new board member.

- New Years next Saturday. We will have the area downstairs and this room reserved for the event.

- Treasure, VP and Secretary to speak at the New Years celebration.

2) Brat Fest

- May 31st Weekend.

3) Summer Picnic

- Festge County Park July 12th 10 am- 10 pm. Cost is $87.

- Still need to coordinate food and activities. Will do that at the next meeting.

4) Gift Wrap

- Must get reserve the hours immediately when informed. It's on a first come, first serve basis.

- Dates closer to Christmas are better.

5) Scholarships

- We will give out 3 scholarships for $500 each.

- NAFA membership required.

- Pratima to coordinate with Paul.

- Amber Ault will be the independent selector. She will be given free invite to Dashain for her help.

- Scholarship can be used anywhere after high school for tuition. (4 year or tech college)

- Last year winners not eligible.

- Checks will be written to the students.

6) Dashain

- Badger Ridge Middle School tentatively reserved for Oct 11th. We still have to wait till they officially start reserving for the fall.

- Manona Community Center is fallback.

- American Family is the title sponsor. They are expecting something nice.

7) New Years

- $10 per person for friends and people that don't bring food.

- We will come pick up auction items. We will send out one more email with the drop off sites.

- Paul will organize cleanup.

- NAFA will pay for crockeries.

8) By-Laws

- Review By-Laws to see if we need any changes.

- Change to re-election By-Laws will be brought up during the New Years full membership meeting.

Next meeting April 27th.

If there are any deletions or additions to these minutes please contact me and I will make corrections.

Respectfully submitted by:

Mark Grandau - Executive Secretary

Nepali American Friendship Association