Minute August 02, 2014

Minutes of NAFA Board Meeting

Date: August 2, 2014 (Time: 2:00 – 4:30 PM)

Venue: 505 Rosa Road, Madison WI

Attended By:

1. Purna Shrestha

2. Ayodhya Bataju

3. Archana Shrestha

4. Himal Regmi

5. Archana Dwa

6. Rajeeb Karna

7. Surendra Prajapati

8. Narendra Thapa


(I) NAFA Picnic: Intensive Discussion/Preparation for coming NAFA Picnic (August 09, 2014):

1. Board members are required to be on time for the Picnic

2. Entertainment by Nepali songs/dances

3. Music setup: Rajeeb Karna

4. Games: volleyball, bingo, badminton

5. Team for purchasing the items for the Picnic:

Archana Shrestha, Purna Shrestha, Himal Regmi

6. Taking care of items to minimize its loss at the end of picnic

7. Slow cooker by Ayodhya Bataju, Archana Dwa, Rajeeb Karna and Dhana Malla

8. Ingredients for KHIR by Himal Regmi

9. Grills/charcoal by Himal Regmi

10. Ice Box by Archana Shrestha and Rajeeb Karna

11. Apron, Knife, cutting boards,

12. Rice cooker by Himal Regmi, Archana Shrestha and Ayodhya Bataju

13. Gas stove and cylinder by Purna Shrestha, Himal Regmi and Ayodhya Bataju

(II) NAFA Volleyball:

Board members discussed on how NAFA can help the players

(III) Ongoing Kakshya and its progress: Briefing by Archana Dwa.

Key point of the discussion: Parent’s participation for Kakshya has been very helpful and is strongly encouraged for future sessions too.

(III) NAFA Children’s Day

Proposed Date: August 24, 2014

Coordinator: Archana Dwa

(IV) Teej Program:

Musical Instruments/Bhada-Kuda from NAFA

(V) Discussion on Possible Funding Sources for NAFA

- Brainstorming meeting on fund raising activity was proposed.

- Approach the government for the support for the ongoing Kakshya: Purna Shrestha and Ayodhya Bataju will coordinate to approach the mayor, County, South Asian Studies Center etc.

- Preparation of proposal by Archana Dwa

(VI) Dashain Celebration:

Proposed Date: October 04, 2014

Coordinator: Himal Regmi

Venue: Eagle Heights Community Center

Discussed on the inclusion of cultural activities that reflects sentiment of Dashain celebration, such as RAM LEELA and others

(VII) Sahitya Sajh:

Proposed Date: November 15, 2014

Coordinator: Abhiskar Bharati

(VIII) Fund Raising Dinner:

(IX) Gift-wrap:

Date: December, 2014

Coordinator: Archana Dwa

(X) Establish the Tradition of Appreciating the NAFA Member for His/her Outstanding Services for NAFA (Every Year in New Year Celebration)

(XI) Next Board Meeting: First week of September and interested NAFA members are encouraged to participate on meeting and give their constructive suggestions/opinions/ideas on how we can make NAFA better organization for Nepali community in Wisconsin.

Note: Minutes were prepared by Narendra Thapa