Minute August 11, 2013

NAFA Executive Meeting Minute

Date: August 11, 2013


Purna Shrestha,

Ayodhya Batajoo,

Himal Regmi,

Archana Shrestha,

Narendra Thapa,

Rajeeb Karna,

Abiskar Bharati,

Archana Dhakhwa,

Dinar Shrestha

Briefing on Events held in the past: Summer Picnic:

Positive: Picnic was fun and participatory.

Lessons to learn: Better management of shopping and quantity of food as there were some complains about not enough food for some participants. Also need of communication with past coordinators for their experience and expertize.

Dashain 2013:

The event will be coordinated by - Narendra Thapa

Proposed date - October 19th

Time : 4 - 10 pm

Catering - Get quotes from Dobhan, Himalchuli and Mirch Masala for Nepali style menu.

Rate - Narendra Thapa will propose later to the board after the calculations.

Purna Shrestha with the help of Ayodhya Batajoo will request Amfam for donation.

Archana Dhakhwa will coordinate Cultural Program.

Narendra Thapa will ask Dhana Shrestha and Krishna Sijapati to set-up pooja and Naresh Shrestha to set up music system.

Scholarship Program for this year will be coordinated by Surendra Prajapati with the assistance of past coordinators.

Sahitya Sanjh

This event will be coordinated by Abiskar Bharati

Proposed date - November 16

Snacks - Contact Mirch Masala for quote

Include Gautam Vajracharya’s presentation

Archana Dhakhwa will coordinate kids participation in the bal sahitya program.

Children's day (Kid’s Kakshya)

This event will be coordinated by Archana Dhakhwa

The Children’s day will mark the first day of Nepali Language class

Archana Dhakhwa will soon send sign up sheet

It will be conducted in Rosa Road location with lunch at Chuck-E-Cheese.

NAFA has budgeted $300.00 for this program.

Purna Shrestha will look for State level funding for Language classes, as well as work with Kamala Regmi to launch a program to help Nepali speaking Bhutanese refuses

Treasurer’s Report

Himal Regmi presented financial report.


Currently the NAFA website is broken due to hosting complication. Archana Dhakhwa will coordinate with Sushma Karna to build new site in Google. Rajeeb Karna has generously donated 1 Terabyte space for backup of data.

Board Positions

Secretary Santosh Lamichhane’s resignation approved and proposed Rajendra Aryal to fill the position. Rajendra Aryal will be communicated of this proposal upon his return to States.

Purna Shrestha to inquire Srijan Tuladhar and Yashpal Subedi about their status.


Liability insurance renewal approved. Purna Shrestha to look for insurance options.

Archana Dhakhwa will update membership information.

Membership renewal drive to be initiated soon.

Gift wrap event, need of programs like Sangetik Sanjh, fund raising activities etc. will be discussed in detail in upcoming meetings.

Next meeting to be held on:

Sept 28, 2013

4 to 6 pm

505 Rosa Road, Madison WI

Minute prepared by - Archana Dhakhwa