Minute August 20, 2016

Nepali American Friendship Association

Meeting Minutes

Purna Shrestha called to order the monthly board meeting of NAFA at 3 PM on August 20, 2016 at 505 Rosa Road.

The following persons were present:

Purna Shrestha, Rajendra Aryal, Archana Dhakhwa, Kabindra Adhikari


    1. Review of past events and programs:

        1. Picnic (Archana Dhakhwa and Archana Shrestha) – Excellent. Rain brought people together. Enough activities. Sufficient food. Good collaboration.

        2. Kakshya (Archana Dhakhwa and Abiskar Bharati) – In need of regular volunteers, as some volunteers are in process of retiring due to reasons like move etc.

        3. Utkhanan (Archana Dhakhwa) – discussing a new book “America O America” next session on September 10.

    2. School Rebuild Project in Nepal (SRP/N): Info updates and Scholarship application.

        1. Inquiries for applications coming in. Deadline is September 30. Analysis criteria to be built ASAP, before the applications pour in. SRP team meeting to be called for September 10 after Utkhanan event.

    3. Discussion/Preparation on Future Programs:

        1. Children’s Day – On August 28, coordinator Archana Dhakhwa.

        2. Dashain – On October 15, at Fitchburg Community Center, coordinator Rajeeb Karna.

        3. Sahitya Sanjh – On November 5, at Wilmar Center (proposed), coordinator Som Khanal.

        4. International Fest – In February, coordinator Abiskar Bharati.

        5. Gift Warp – In December, coordinator Archana Dhakhwa and Purna Shrestha.

4. Treasurer's Report (Financial Status) – Treasurer Absent.

5. Social Media (Facebook, Youtube, Email and Website) – Being updated in regular basis as necessary.

6. Open issues

    1. Scholarship submissions: Board decided not to entertain the applications submitted after the deadline.

    2. Pay Pal Services: NAFA will have it as it is and use it for donations only for now and will not operate as the means to collect fees for participating in different events organized by NAFA. Since the Treasurer was absent too, we couldn't figure out how much of an overhead it is to maintain the records


Purna Shrestha adjourned the meeting at 5 pm.

Minutes submitted by: Archana Dhakhwa

August 20, 2016