Minute December 14, 2013

MINUTE : NAFA Monthly Board Meeting

Date: December 14, 2013


1. Purna Shrestha

2. Ayodhya Batajoo

3. Hima Regmi

4. Rajeeb Karna

5. Rajendra Aryal

6. Abiskar Bharati

7. Archana Dwa

8. Archana Malla


1. Review of past events (Sahitya Sanjh/Kakshya) and lessons learned.

- One table was broken during program, NAFA paid $60.

- Food sponsor “Himal Chuli and Mirch Masala”

- There was music problem during program, will look into for next program.

2. Progress on future events (Gift wrap/International fest).

- Look volunteers for different shift.

- Make sure to fill out form on last shift.

- Send reminder email.

- Dress code (NAFA T-shirt, Santa hat).

- Shift coordinators (Archana, Shridhar and Purna)

- There will be no food for this International fest.

- Booth sales with Information only.

- Panchakanya ( will ask Nirmala to coordinate this).

3. Financial report presentation.

- Himal Regmi presented all financial report.

4. Progress on Website maintenance.

- Archana will coordinate with Sushma for website improvement.

5. Kakshya.

- NAFA will pay for material used in Kakshya.

- All is well.

6. Volunteer appreciation.

- March 1st is set for this event.

- Rajeeb will coordinate.

Minute Prepared By : Rajeeb Karna