Minute Febuary 24, 2008

NAFA Executive Committee

Meeting Minutes

1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m., Sunday, February 24, 2008

Neighborhood Center

Present: Anju Chhetri, Archana Dwa, Krishna Pradhan, Shreedhar Ranabhat, Pratima Sharma, Archana Shrestha, Krishna Sijapati, and Radha Sijapati.

Krishna Sijapati opened the meeting and welcomed, Krishna Pradhan

Secretary’s Report: No report. Mark and his family are in Nepal to pick up their adopted baby girl.

Treasurer’s Report: Anju presented a report including the summary of activities for 2005, 2006 and 2007. Bank balance as of 11/24/07 is $3,325.39.

Vice President's Report: Nothing to report at this time.

New Year’s Celebration will be held on Saturday, April 12 at the Neighborhood Center. It will be a potluck dinner. Anju, Archana and Pratima will coordinate the menu, cooking assignment, etc. Non-members will pay $10 person. Pratima will also coordinate the silent auction as part of this celebration.

Cultural Program: Archana D. and Archana S. will coordinate the program for New Year’s. Archana D. has been in touch with a few of the kids regarding performing. She will not be able to teach a regular dance class this year.

Purchase of a public address system in collaboration with Mayalu Band was discussed. Members wanted more information on the ownership and use of the PA system. Krishna S. will discuss these issues with Manoj Kanskar and bring the agenda in the next meeting.

Summer Picnic will be in July. The date will be decided on once a park has been found. The parks checked so far have all been booked and not available for us.

Public Relations Report: Radha has requested $2,500 from American Family for Dashain Celebration. NAFA will have a table dedicated to the guests of American Family at the celebration. She has also prepared fund raising letters and flyers that she will send to others on the Board to request funding from their work place. Dashain will be the biggest celebration that NAFA will coordinate.

Children’s Day will be on August to coincide with Bala Dibas in Nepal. Radha S. will try to obtain funds for this event. Her goal is to raise ~$500. She will coordinate the event with Anju C. and Archana D.

By-Law: NAFA By-Law needs to be reviewed/revised. Krishna S. will send copies to everyone. Please read for any revisions, give extra attention to Section 5.

Other Items: Filling the vacant board member position was brought into discussion. Paul Benjamin had shown interest to be involved in the committee. Therefore, board unanimously accepted Paul Benjamin as an executive board member.

The Board decided that NAFA will participate on Brat Fest. More hours should be requested on the weekend, Saturday and Sunday.