Minute June 01, 2013

NAFA Meeting Minute


Members Present: Narendra Thapa, Surendra Prajapati, Himal Regmi, Rajendra Aryal, Abiskar Bharati, Santosh Lamichhane, Purna Shrestha, Archana Dwa

Guests present: Krishna Sijapati, Archana Malla, Bharat Acharya, Ram Shrestha, Rakesh Mandal, Gautama Bajracharya, Yashpal Subedi, Srijan Tuladhar

Minute written by: Santosh Lamichhane

1. Brat Fest:

a. Lesson learned: Communicate the logistics clearly, like names that are registered in the actual log at the venue need to be changed to whoever is volunteering in actual at the spot.

b. Emails regarding participation for events like brat fest and gift wrap from the organizers of those events should be responded swiftly

2. Picnic spot finalized for Sun Prairie Park, fifty percent refund obtained from earlier reservation at Blue Mounds Park.

a. Sending an email to members about picnic chairs, mats, and sport materials is a good idea suggested by Archana Dwa.

b. Rates will be kept as last year.

3. NAFA board approved resignation of president Archana Dwa. The board decided that vice-president should act as acting president to run operations. The position of president will be left vacant.

4. NAFA added : Archana Malla, Srijan Shrestha, Yaspal Subedi as new board members.

5. NAFA founding president Krishna Sijapati gave a speech on how he got inspired to tap resources spread across various sources for the community by establishing NAFA. He also mentioned that primary objective of NAFA at its inception was to promote Nepali culture, language, and heritage. He added that in the beginning NAFA had expanded its goals and objectives to help Nepal but these were rejected by federal government and it had to be removed because of large amount of possible scrutiny and clarity required for including such goals. Other things he mentioned were

a. NAFA should build its own permanent place by acquiring a building

b. NAFA should only focus on large events that make more impact for its activities

c. NAFA should have an advisory board as an ornament that can give a good impression about the organization

d. NAFA should connect with Bhutanese Nepali

6. Gautama Bajracharya recognized the contribution of Krishna Sijapati for community through NAFA and hindu dharma through Hindu Dharma circle

7. Rajendra Aryal concluded with thanking all ex board members and advisors for attending the meeting and supporting NAFA