Minute June 08, 2014

NAFA Meeting Minutes

Date: June 08, 2014 (Sunday) from 3 to 5 pm.

Venue: 333 South Rosa Road (Garner Park), Madison WI


Ayodhya Batajoo

Archana Dwa

Abiskar Bharati

Himal Regmi

Rajendra Aryal

Surendra Prajapati

Himal Regmi

Purna Shrestha

Agendas/discussion and decisions

1. Review on past events:

1.a Kakshya:

Currently, the Kakshya is now in operation at 2800 Royal Ave, Madison. 505 Rosa Road (the previous venue for Kakshya) was very close to most of the students. The numbers of students are decreased because of the distance. However, the venue is closer to the Sun Prairie students. The kakshya is managing by the both coordinators (Archana Dwa and Abiskar) and volunteers and not any financial burden put on NAFA. Himalji forwarded a link of website for the interested learners of Nepali and requested to re-forward and remind to all.

1.b New Year 2071 (April 19, 2014)

New Year celebration 2071 was celebrated on April 9. The feedbacks received by the participants were discussed in the meeting. There are not many feedbacks about the event. However, there were few complaints on sound system and program. Sound system was very poor and was not effective in the noisy hall so that participants hardly understand the speech from the stage. There was more children’s program than adult. The need of youth’s participation in the NAFA program was discussed. Surendra Prajapati suggested hiking, camping type of program to attract the youth. The Eagle Height Community Center charged a lot ($277.50) for the event of this year. The hall charge used to be $150.00 including everything. They started charging large group surcharge $50.00. They charged us for 6.5 hours (4.00pm to 10.30pm). Kitchen charge was $ 65.00 ($10.00 per hour) and hall charge was $162.50 ($25.00 per hour). Either we need to look for another spot or we should ask for certain fee to the participant members to cover the expenses.

1.c. Bratfest (May 23 to 26, 2014):

There was not many volunteers in the brat fest this year so that we are not expecting any fund raise. Not much discussion held in this topic.

2. Picnic (Planed for August 9, 2014).

The Picnic is planned on August 9, 2014 at Sheehan Park, Sun Prairie. The Picnic spot was explored by a team of Mahesh Luitel, Purna Shrestha, Ayodhya Batajoo and Sanyam Shrestha. The team visited to the Indian Lake Park and Token Creek Park, DeForest. Indian Lake Park was not enough for us and Token Creek Park Shelter 5 or shelter 1 was not available for Saturday to the end of August. We did not want on Sunday. Therefore, the best choice was left for August 9, 2014 at Sheehan Park. The coordinator for the picnic is going to propose to Archana Shrestha.

There are three children are getting high school graduation from our members. Himalji will find out the actual numbers. The meeting decided to provide engraved pens to the graduates. Himalji will coordinate this pen engraving tasks including inviting to the recipients.

3. Himalji briefed the financial status. Forty six annual members renewed the membership for 2014 so far and two members (Rajeev Karna and Aek B Chhetri) received life membership. Total membership amount was $930.00

4. Next meeting: Next meeting is planned on August 2, 2014 (Saturday). The main agenda will be Picnic, Dashain, Shahitya Sanjh.

Minute Prepared By : Purna Shrestha