Minute-March 14,2006

March 14, 2006

NAFA Executive Committee

Meeting Minutes

7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m., March 14, 2006

7109 Brindley Circle

Present: Archana Dwa, Shreedhar Ranabhat, Pratima Sharma, Krishna Sijapati, Radha Sijapati, Kiran Shrestha; Anil Sharma and Rita Shrestha as guests.

Programs: Krishna Sijapati reported on the dance and language programs recently started by NAFA. There are 16 participants in the dance class, six children attend the Nepali language class and several individuals participate in the English conversation group.

The monthly fees for dance classes are $20 per a person, $35 for 2 and $45 for 3 people from the same household. The committee decided that 50 percent of the income in fees will be used to compensate the instructor. The class is solely taught by Archana Dwa. However, assistance will be needed if/when choreographing and practicing for special performances.

Both Nepali and English language classes are currently free of charge, contributions however, are welcome. NAFA will look for ways to find grants to run these classes successfully in the long run. The Nepali language class is taught by Radha Sijapati. The English conversation group is lead by

Resignation: The Executive Committee accepted the resignation of Bharat Acharya as Vice President of NAFA. An appreciation letter will be sent to him by the President for all his contributions during his term as Vice President.

NAFA Library: The committee discussed creating a database of materials available for loan. All are welcome to donate materials for the library which is currently housed at Dinar and Dhana Shrestha’s residence. Krishna Sijapati will be in touch with him for a report on the progress of library.

NAFA Brochure and Website: Archana Dwa shared the almost complete NAFA brochure with everyone. There are just a few names missing of Executive Board Members. Once Archana receives the list of names, the brochure will be complete. Archana also showed us the NAFA Website she and Ram Shrestha worked on creating. They have done an excellent job and the Executive Committee approved buying web space for the NAFA website. Krishna Sijapati and Archana will check the rates for subscribing to a web space.

NAFA Budget: The Committee revisited discussion of the importance of creating NAFA budget and the importance of Executive Committee members to be knowledgable of such budget.

Nepali New Year 2063: The New Year will be celebrated on Saturday, April 15 at the Neighborhood House. It will be a potluck dinner followed by cultural program and games. Notice regarding the celebration will be sent to everyone shortly. The notice will include a list of menu items that people can select to bring to the potluck. Paper/plastic products will be provided by NAFA.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the cultural program which will be freeform. (i.e. there will not be any organized instruction/practice sessions for the performances). Everyone is on their own to select, practice, and perform. Archana will notify everyone who needs to know of this arrangement.

At the end of the evening, there will be Nepali Bingo and other sport activities.

Fund Raising: Radha Sijapati will be working on raising money for this event. If sponsors are invited to attend the function, we need to ensure the program is well organized and entertaining.

Meeting adjourned: 10:00 p.m.

Submitted by:

Pratima Sharma

Secretary, NAFA