Minute March 19, 2016

Minute: Nepali American Friendship Association

Date: March 19th, 2016

Venue: Purna Dai Home

Start Time: 2:00pm

Executive Member:

1. Purna Shrestha

2. Kabindra Adhikari

3. Rajendra Aryal

4. Rajeeb Karna

5. Archana Dhakhwa

6. Narendra Thapa

7. Ayodhya Batajoo

General Member:

1. Paul Benjamin

2. Shreedhar Ranabhat

3. Mahesh Luitel

Agendas & Discussions:

1. NAYL Response:

- NAFA board already replayed to all question asked by NAYL in last meeting.

- Board asked NAYL to come with a project plan.

- Please refer to last meeting minute agenda # 7.

2. Discussion on progress of EOI and announcement document for School Rebuild Project:

- Paul Benjamin presented the 8th draft EOI document.

- Board decided to wait for final document from subcommittee and publish the EOI document to website, Facebook, email and public gathering.

- Board decided to extend the proposal submission deadline to July 31st.

3. New Year Program:

- Annual General Meeting (AGM): Briefing on past year activities and presentation of next year activities. (Abiskar)

- Amendment of constitutional provision on international support on rescue, relief and rebuild activities. (Purna)

- Budget and Program Presentation and get approval from AGM. (Mahendra)

- Volunteer Appreciation (Abiskar)

- Cultural Program and other entertainment program (Navraj)

- Assignment on Stage preparation, food management and rate discussion (Navraj)

- Membership Drive and renew. (All Board Member)

4. NAFA for Pro:

- Board approved NAFA for Pro ( Utkhanan)

A. Survey Report

· Total Survey Response: 15

· Empty Nesters: 8

· Working Individuals: 13

· Area of Interest: Various

· Willing to share experience: 8

· Once a month time frame: 9

· Saturday Afternoons: 7

· Other feedback:

o Venue should be convenient

o Sounds Excellent

o Refreshment treats requested

o Beneficial for parents visiting from NAFA

o Its sensitive program do continue

B. Tentative Action Plan

o Time duration: 2 to 4 pm

o Day: Second Saturday of the Month

o Starting Month: April 2016

o First event Venue: 2800 Royal Avenue (Kakshya Location)

o 2:00 - 2:15 - Meet and Greet

o 2:15 – 3:00 – Activity 1 (experience sharing/discussion/learning/productive)

o 3:00 – 3:45 – Activity 2 (games/entertainment)

o 3:45 – 4:00 – Next month’s details, refreshments and dismissal

C. Venue might change as per the activity of the day. Next month’s venue will be decided in current’s month’s meet-up.

5. Volunteer of the year:

- Board nominated Mahesh Luitel as volunteer of the year 2072.

6. Online Payment:

- - Need to find out how much commission Pay Pal takes for nonprofit origination.

The - Abiskar briefed via email - donation link via Paypal is up and in front page of Website now. This is linked to NAFA's email account and we will have to link NAFA bank account to transfer the donated fund via paypal.

7. Budget prep for next year:

- Mahendra Pathak will work on next year budget forcast.

8. NAFA Picnic:

- This year picnic place is Token Creek Park shelter #5.

- This year picnic will be held on July 23rd.

9. NAFA Scholarship:

- This year NAFA scholarship will be announced during Sahitya Sanjh Program.

10. Kakshya:

- All is well due to our great teachers.

BL Website/Blog/Youtube


- A thank you page will show up after anyone donates to NAFA in the website and paypal captures their address so if we want to send out a letter of gratitude, we can do that.

- The domain name "NAFA-ONLINE.ORG" is up and running pointed to the google site now. So you can tell people about the new web address with ease. It is registered for 10 years and the cost for this was 170.70 (for the whole term). I will email the receipt to Mahendra Dai. I still have few tech work left (not impactful to website now).

- The website is up to date. It has all the events lined up in bottom with dates and also has all the minutes that I could get hold of.

- SAHITYA BLOG - No changes in NAFA sahitya blog as there has been no literary activity recently.

- YOUTUBE - Abiskar gathering videos from Rajeeb Karna and Ayodhya Batajoo. If anyone volunteers to edit the video it would be appreciated.

- NAFA Library - Abiskar has been circulating books to interested people. New books has been added. He is working on numbering all the books, 150 books complete so far.

- AGM - Abiskar is creating a slideshow for "Volunteer Appreciation" .


- Board will start looking for ways to acquire NAFA own building.

- Board will discuss more about in upcoming meetings.