Minute May 13th 2015

NAFA Meeting Minute

Date : May 13th 2015

Place : 505 Rosa Road, Madison

Present :

· Abiskar Bharati

· Purna Shrestha

· Ramesh Khanal

· Mahendra Pathak

· Archana Dwa

· Kabindra Adhikari

Discussion :

A. Suggestions :

1. Members Suggested to fundraise in

a. Farmer Market

b. Fundraising dinner

c. NAFA Sahitya book publish as fundraiser

d. Musical Concert

e. Tshirt,caps,cups

2. Donations is collected in Volleyball match, momo sale, yoga session

3. farmer’s market was approached by few members for a donation desk – NAFA’s backing was needed so NAFA supported the organizers

4. NAFA should be informed before its name is used for any fundraiser program/event

5. Restaurants/Programs

a. AHA – Yagya

b. AIA – fundraiser

c. Deerpark & reginal youth congress – fundraiser at farmer’s market

d. Mirch Masala – fundraising dinner

e. Swaad – fundraising dinner

f. Indian Student association – fundraising event

g. Cathy Swanson – raised fund from neighborhood

h. Tamil sangam - fundraising

6. Information Flood

a. Dan Hangerman – Edgewood – contacted by Mahesh Luitel

b. Lot of Nepalese in Madison contacted their employers

7. Need to thank all who participated and donated

8. For the fund collected – not to open a new account but in ledger we will create a sub-account. Amount of 2015$ in cash and $250 was collected in vigil.

9. As per Life member’s suggestion via email, NAFA should contribute from its fund. Board Decided – NAFA not being profit making organization, any amount donated by its members is a donation from NAFA.

10. Money should be sent via PM Relief fund per some members and board members

a. Rajendra Aryal explained how PM relief fund works.

b. Per him, no authority dictates NGO/INGO but PM relief fund has a lot of process of different gov officials.

c. Need to channel the money collection to a single/stream lined way

11. It does not matter who the NAFA supports, be it Sarvodaya , helpnepal or redcross, if the amount is left then it will be sent to PM relief fund.

12. NAFA needs to do a press release to tell everyone that NAFA’s Logo will be present where NAFA has raised money.

13. Someone is raising money for earthquake in Gas Stations and Chinese Grocery store with donation box – need to find out who is involved in this.

14. Need to send the email to NAFA members that NAFA was involved in Farmer’s market fund raiser – It raised total of $465.35 so far. Farmer Market fundraising need a coordinator for this week. Purna Shrestha will send an email.

15. Earthquake relief friendly Volleyball match was organized and $1070(aprox) was raised.

16. Jazz concert - Tell Bob Stine June month or need to find which date are the musicians free. NAFA needs to advertise and work – coordinator – Bandana Shrestha

17. T-shirt, Cups, Caps fundraising – coordinator – Archana Dwa


1. Archana D. suggested focus should be long term goal rather than short term. We need to support one area only. Focus can be made in following sector :

a. Psychological relief

b. Orphanage

c. School

2. “Rebuild NEPAL” – NAFA’s effort for long term project named

a. Get a name of organization and NAFA to support the org with NAFA’s name.

C. By-law does not have provision of support of any work outside Madison community. NAFA executive board has decided to amend the by-law and support the relief, rebuild and support Nepal project. The process of rebuilding Nepal. All the executive applauded the amendment.

D. Money Dispersed on ground zero in Nepal

i. $1000 sent to NAFA executive board member, Rosha Pokharel, has been approved by the board.

ii. NAFA Exe. Board decided to disperse $1800 as immediate relief to Nepal with one of the board member Som Khanal, who will represent NAFA on the ground.

iii. Another NAFA executive board member, Abiskar Bharati will be provided $2000 from the NAFA Earthquake relief fund. All the executive members (Rosha Pokharel, Som Khanal and Abiskar Bharati) need to share the experience from Nepal in forum and need to present a report of the expenses in the written form.

iv. This will be the last donation cash sent to Nepal with the executive Board Member. The rest of the fund collected will be used for the “Rebuild Nepal”, NAFA project.

E. Treasurer’s report

i. Transfer from Himal Regmi to Mahendra Pathak is smoothly going.

ii. Most of the documents are in google docs

iii. Checks and all other relevant documents has been received from Himal Regmi

iv. All the other things that belong to NAFA , which are in Himal Regmi’s home will be moved to new treasurer, Mahendra Pathak’s home.

F. No one-liner email should be released like the ones member reply to with thank you or congratulations.

G. Picnic date will be decided in next meeting.

Minute prepared by

Abiskar Bharati