Minute May 30, 2015

Minutes of NAFA Board Meeting

Date: May 30, 2015 (Time: 3:00 – 6:00 PM)

Venue: 505 Rosa Road, Madison WI

Attended By:

Archana Shrestha

Ayodhya Bataju

Bindu Timilsina

Ek Bahadur Chetry

Narendra Thapa

Navaraj Pandey

Paul Benjamin

Purna Shrestha

Rajeeb Karna

Rosha Pokharel

Rajendra Aryal

Ramesh Khanal

Rashesh Shrestha

Santosh Lamichanne

Shreedhar Ranabhat

Surendra Prajapati

Brief introduction of Agenda by NAFA President, Purna Shrestha:

A. Status of fund for earthquake victims of Nepal (utilization/channelization of fund)

B. Discussion of fund raising activities (Fund raising dinner and silent auction)

C. Community experience sharing meeting about earthquake

D. Honoring US marines who had lost their lives in Nepal during relief/rescue operation

E. Future activities: NAFA Picnic, NAFA scholarship, Blood donation

Self-introduction by all attendee

Briefing of Proposed NAFA Fundraising Dinner by Previous NAFA President, Shreedhar Ranabhat:

· The extensive discussion on proposed NAFA Fundraising Dinner (Target goal of raising $25000.00; at least 200 guests; minimum price for dinner $50.00).

· Date and venue: June 21, 2015; Luther family health center Dane County (Hall was made available free of cost considering fundraising activity for Nepal earthquake victims).

· All the members approved the proposal and NAFA is committed to organize the event.

· Short speech and short presentation about the NAFA fundraising dinner/earthquake in Nepal by NAFA president

· Drafting/Preparation of letters

· Coordinator of the event: Shreedhar Ranabhat and committee for the events include Purna Shrestha, Ek Bdr Chettry, Ramesh Khanal, Santosh Lamichhanne and Rashesh Shrestha)

Briefing/Discussion of Various Agenda by Paul Benjamin

· Information about help offer by Midvale Luther Church: Any kind of help is being offered by Midvale Luther Church to help Nepal earthquake victims (NAFA needs to identify what kind of help it needs)

· Information about the seeking help from Immigration Attorney about immigration opportunity for immediate family members affected by Earthquake in Nepal (not sure about the cost: free?)

· Information about Jazz music concert on July 28th by Pawan Benjamin to raise fund for Nepal Earthquake victims. However, venue is not defined.

· Paul Benjamin will inform UW emergency doctors to share experiences on June 13

· Honoring 6 US marines who have lost their lives while rescuing/helping Earthquake victims in Nepal. To recognize self-less humanitarian help of those US marine, we should request Nepal government to provide letter of condolence for their immediate family member. Nepali embassy in US is corresponding with Ministry of Foreign Affair in Nepal. NAFA (Ramesh Khanal) will monitor the progress on this matter and will co-work with other Nepali organizations in US if needed.

NAFA Earthquake Relief Fund:

Total fund collected: $7808.76

NAFA has decided not to distribute the fund for now.

Letter of appreciation by NAFA to those organizations/individuals who has contributed to NAFA Earthquake relief fund

In future, NAFA will donate the fund based on Grant and Grantee relationship (Memorandum of understanding): NAFA members will review the proposal before granting the fund

NAFA Picnic on July 11 (Token Creek Park)

NAFA decided to organize the annual picnic event this year too although some of us were of opinion to honor earthquake victims not organizing the events like picnic.

The purpose of this picnic: sharing of our grievances among we Nepali community in Madison.

The events included in the picnic: Farewell to NAFA board members who are moving to other places, volleyball game and blood donation (Ramesh Khanal will be coordinating the blood donation program).

Proposed coordinator for the picnic: Narendra Thapa

Community experience sharing meeting about earthquake

NAFA, NSA and Hindu Dharma Circle are organizing the community experience sharing meeting about earthquake in Nepal on June 13.

The venue is undefined at present (could be Union South or Church or ?)

Rosha Pokharel will be coordinating the event.

NAFA Scholarship:

· NAFA board members decided to continue the NAFA scholarship.

· Scholarship will be given during Dashain.

· All the applicants fulfilling the criteria will be awarded scholarship (aim is to help our Nepali community)

· Rashesh Shrestha will coordinate NAFA scholarship and is new executive board member of NAFA.

Next NAFA Board Meeting: not decided

Minutes was prepared by Narendra Thapa