Minute May 4, 2008

Minutes of 5/04/08 Meeting:

Meeting started at 1:20 pm.

Board Members in attendance:

Shreedhar Ranabhat

Radha Sijapati

Krishna Sijapati

Mark Grandau

Ayodhya Batajoo

1) Treasurers Report:

Membership Fee: $490

Donation: $45

Auction Sales: $ 116

Food Sales: $70 (include $10 from Pratima auction sale report)

Total: $721

I have already deposited $642.

I submitted Form 990 electronically. Krishna will receive the confirmation of submission by email.

2) New Years Party

- Food was good and plenty.

- Hall seems a little small now that group is growing.

- Estimated 125 in attendance.

3) Bratfest

- Mark will send another email reminding people.

- Phone calls required so we can get the list filled out by the 10th.

- Phone list was split up calls will be made.

- Encourage the teenage kids.

4) Summer Picnic

- $10 per person/ not to exceed $35 per family.

- Park is reserved 10am to 10 pm.

- Gather at 11:30.

- Snack at 12:30.

- Coordinator List will go up in Google Docs.

5) Children's Program

- Will take place in August we will table coordination till after picnic.

6) By-Laws

- Mark will send revised By-Laws to Shreedhar.

7) Federal Tax Forms

- Krishna waiting for confirmation.

8) Dashain

- Caterer requires insurance a Bartender if alcahol is served.

- Rahda talked about additional funding resources.

- Discussed Sponsorship levels.

Next meeting June 22nd.

If there are any deletions or additions to these minutes please contact me and I will make corrections.

Respectfully submitted by:

Mark Grandau - Executive Secretary

Nepali American Friendship Association