Minute November 19, 2016

Meeting Minute: Nepali American Friendship Association

Date: Nov 19th, 2016

Venue: 505 Rosa Rd Madison WI

Start time: 2:00 PM

Members Present:

a. Executive Member

1. Purna Shrestha (Chaired meeting)

2. Abiskar Bharati

3. Archana Dhakhwa

4. Archana Malla

5. Ayodhya Batajoo

6. Mahendra Pathak

7. Ramesh Khanal

8. Som Khanal

a. SRP Subcommittee member

1. Paul Benjamin

2. Santosh Lamichhane


1. School Rebuild Project in Nepal (SRP/N): Briefing on School Selection Result. Discussion and decision on further steps.

2. Review of past events and programs (Children’s day, Dashain, Sahitya Sanjh, Scholarship award) and review of on-going Program (Kakshya and Utkhanan).

3. Discussion/Preparation on Future Programs (International Fest, Gift Wrap). Assigned coordinators are International Fest (Abiskar Bharati) and Gift Wrap (Archana Dwa and Purna Shrestha).

4. Treasurer's Report (Budget, Income and Expense Status). Whether the activities are following the planned budget. The discussion will also be held on earthquake (School rebuild) fund.

5. Election Year. How and when we elect the new executive board (effective from April 2017). Form of Election Commission?

6. Discussion on NAFA Social Media (Facebook, Youtube, Email and Website)

Agenda #1 – School Rebuild Project in Nepal (SRP/N) :

      • Purna Shrestha, Paul Benjamin & Santosh Lamichhane briefed to executive board.

      • Guidelines for proposal were developed by Paul Benjamin in English and it was translated and typed by Santosh Lamichhane and Abiskar Bharati.

      • After the guidelines were finalized, it was made public via FB page, website and mass email along with personal linkage.

      • Seven active SRP/N subcommittee members rated the three proposals received from 3 different schools from Gorkha, Dolakha & Kavre using 24 rating pivot table created by Santosh Lamichhane. These 3 schools met the guidelines provided by NAFA. There were 15 other verbal requests for funding but they were voided due to not meeting the guidelines of proposal.

      • The subcommittee selected Mahendrodaya Higher Secondary School, Dolakha (Proposed by Shanti Education Initiative, Nepal) and proposed it to the NAFA executive board.

      • As per board’s questions, Purna & Santosh clarified the rigorous process of selecting this school. After going through the 24 point rating pivot table, the representative of SEI Nepal, Mr. Rabindra Maharjan, was phone interviewed and was cross referenced with other known and active NGO like Teach for Nepal, Youth for Nepal and the Principal of the School, Mr. Kabindra Das Shrestha.

      • As per Mr. Kabindra Das Shrestha, school has 260 students and has classes up to higher secondary (+2). They are taking classes in shifts due to lack of classrooms. School needs 22 rooms in total and out of those 22, 4 were rebuilt by government funds and 2 were built by a different NGO. They will need to build 14 rooms in total. Per Principal Shrestha, the organization SEI Nepal has been actively working with this school and is instrumental in this school’s development and training of staff.

      • Executive Board was informed 20% (5% Engineering associated and 15% SEI Nepal admin cost) of the cost will be the overhead cost and NAFA will have to provide $40,000 and the SEI Nepal will generate $10,000 to rebuild the classrooms to rebuild the 4 classrooms and a common toilet. Board thinks the overhead cost is within the reasonable range. The built property will be worth equivalent to US $50,000.000.

      • Ramesh Khanal will verify the amount it took to rebuild the 4 classrooms funded by government to get general idea of cost of rebuilding the classroom.

      • SEI Nepal needs a letter of commitment and memorandum of understanding (MOU) from NAFA. They will need to submit these documents to District Education Office (जिल्ला शिक्षाकार्यालय), District Administration Office (जिल्ला प्रशासन कार्यालय) and Nepal Reconstruction Authority (राष्ट्रिय पुनर्निर्माण प्राधिकरण) before starting the project and get a green flag from these government agencies.

      • Paul Benjamin and Purna Shrestha will work on MOU and Letter of Commitment. The draft will be circulated to executive board for final okay. Abiskar Bharati will assist them by formatting it in NAFA letterhead.

      • While transferring the fund organization will need it in 40, 30, 30 percent installments. Before the last installment SEI Nepal will do a social audit and present a report to NAFA about the work done so far and satisfaction of the school plus local community. SEI Nepal will provide the swift code for bank-to-bank fund transfer and NAFA will cover the transfer fee associated to USA bank.

      • NAFA Executive board passed commitment of $40,000 budget for SRP/N. Currently, NAFA has $31,434.66 in Nepal Earthquake relief fund.

      • NAFA Executive board THANKED the SRP/N subcommittee for their countless hour of hard work. SRP/N subcommittee had Paul Benjamin, Santosh Lamichhane, Purna Shrestha, Archana Dhakhwa, Mahesh Luitel, Shreedhar Ranabhat, Aek B. Chhetri and Mahendra Pathak in the team.

      • Multiple fundraising activity need to kick off to raise the lagging $10,000. Santosh Lamichhane has been assigned coordinator for the fundraising activity. Another meeting will be called for brainstorming the ideas for the fundraising very soon.

        • One of the idea by Santosh Lamichhane was to add name of the donor along with NAFA in the school’s inscription whoever donates $1,000 or more. Board likes the idea with a condition of no backtracking i.e. it is a filler fundraising idea for the remaining $10,000 so it will be applied to going-forward donations only.

Agenda #2 – NAFA Past & On-going Events:


    • Children’s Day

      • Coordinated and briefed by Archana Dhakhwa

      • Event was on Saturday, August 28th, 2016 at Kakshya Location & chuck e cheese from 11.30 AM to 2.00PM.

      • Total of 23 Children were present and they played Gatta , Gaukhane Katha & watched “Daure ra Bancharo” animated movie. Gatta were brought by Abiskar Bharati.

      • Children other than Kakshya’s regular students were present as well.

    • Dashain

      • Coordinated by Rajiv Karna

      • Event was on Saturday, October 15th 2016 at Fitchburg Community Center from 4 PM to 10 PM

      • 25 performers performed under 5 Choreographers and Directors.

      • Mahendra Pathak conducted a Bingo game and 5 players won the prizes.

      • Board is concerned that some members of community has stopped participating in NAFA events.

      • Board thinks coordinator of the program needs to reach out to the community via call, email or other medium to sign up.

      • Food was good and program was well organized.

      • Saw a little less participation from the community members. NAFA will be working towards bringing maximum number of members together to celebrate such community events. NAFA is open for the ideas from all.

    • Sahitya Sanjh

      • Coordinated & briefed by Som Khanal

      • Event was on Saturday, November 5th 2016 at Light & Life Church, Fitchburg from 3 to 8 PM

      • Total of 23 poets participated in competition including 12 children. Total people present in the program was around 90.

      • Food was coordinated by Samyam Shrestha. All the food was donated to the poem lovers in the event by volunteers.

      • Sahitya Sanjh received donation of $234.00 from Deusi Bhailo program by Dinar Shrestha & Swad Restaurant family.

      • As always, prize money was sponsored by Srijana Batajoo, Archana M Shrestha, Bandana Shrestha and Dhana M Shrestha.

      • Govinda Giri Prerana was present as chief guest in program.

      • Board feels this program has more overhead cost for NAFA so suggests to reduce the expenses of the program as much as possible.

    • NAFA Scholarship

      • Coordinated & briefed by Purna Shrestha

      • Event was on Saturday, November 5th 2016 at Light & Life Church, Fitchburg from 3 to 8 PM

      • NAFA Scholarship was awarded to Saroj Sharma

      • To explore the funding for these awards, board wants to reconnect with donors like AmFam.

    • On-going Event :

    • Kakshya

      • Coordinator Archana Dhakhwa briefed about Kakshya.

      • Some positive notes:

        • Children are developing close bond and friendship among each other.

        • Getting better at reading, writing, speaking and understanding Nepali.

        • Taking interest in Nepali songs and dances and dramas.

        • Positive feedback from parents

      • Ramesh Khanal has forwarded work books for kakshya coordinators, which is being used to provide homework for children.

      • Coordinators and volunteer teachers are going to meet soon to finalize the lesson plan for kakshya.

      • Mahendra Pathak suggested to raise fund for Kakshya activity.

    • Utkhanan

      • Coordinator : Archana Dhakhwa

      • Utkhanan is a platform to share experiences and ideas. Thankful that participant share food as well. It has been a venue to meet and greet visiting parents and learn about their stories too. Last Utkhanan on November 11, 2016 was facilitated by Purna Shrestha. He invited tax professionals and other specialists to come share their knowledge to the group.

Agenda #3 – NAFA Future Events

    • NAFA @ International Fest

      • Coordinator : Abiskar Bharati

      • Application for the information booth has been sent and waiting for the approval of it.

      • Wanted to add Nepalese folk musical performance but the Art board finalize the artists 1 year ahead. Need to talk to local Nepalese music artists to prepare for next year.

    • NAFA @ Gift Wrapping

      • Coordinators : Archana Dhakhwa & Purna Shrestha

      • NAFA has not received the email or mail from the organizers yet. Archana Dhakhwa will check with them.

Agenda #4 – Treasurer’s Financial Report

      • Mahendra Pathak briefed about the financial report.

      • Four families has changed to Life membership.

      • NAFA has itemized budget for all the events and been meeting or exceeding the budget goals so far.

      • Treasurer is concerned about expenses for events that has more overhead cost to NAFA than income.

      • Community need to get involved to generate fund for NAFA as we have less participation in events like Brat Fest or Gift Wrapping which are income generating events at no cost to NAFA.

      • Earthquake relief fund has been kept in a separate book.

      • COORDINATORS SHOULD BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE EVENT’S BILLS. Board unanimously agreed on BILLS should be submitted to treasurer within 4 weeks of the event and treasurer should dispatch the fund within 2 weeks of receipt of bills. This helps treasurer keep track of accounts with ease.

      • If there is need of replacement check by the bill submitter, then stop fee need to be paid by the requestor.

      • For more details, Please contact Treasurer.

Agenda #5 – Election Year

      • Due to lack of time, discussion on election committee and election of new board could not be made.

      • This agenda has been deferred to next executive meeting

Agenda #10 - NAFA Social Media

    • Websites/ YouTube

    • NAFA Facebook page

      • Reaching almost 2000 users.

      • FB has been a route for many people moving to Madison to learn about the community and get the help needed.

    • NAFA Sahitya Blog

      • Managed by Abiskar Bharati. The blog is complete with all the poems of poets who recited at Kothey Bhela or at Sahitya Sanjh program.

      • All poet’s photos are added in the blog. :

      • http://nafasahitya.blogspot.com/

    • NAFA Library

      • Abiskar Bharati is numbering all the books present in NAFA Library to avoid missing books from library.

      • All the new & popular books in Nepal currently are here in library.

Meeting End time : 5:20 PM

Minute Prepared By :

Abiskar Bharati


On behalf of NAFA.