Minute Sept 27, 2013

Minute of the NAFA meeting

Venue : 505 S. Rosa Road

Date : September 27, 2013

Meeting started at 3:15 PM

Present: Purna S, Abiskar B., Narendra T., Archana S., Surendra P. , Archana D., Rajeev K, Rajendra A., Ayodhya B.

Discussion held:

1. Children’s Kakshya:

Coordinator Archana D briefed about the Kakshya. Started since children’s day on Sept 7 and so far going enthusiastically with 23 students for third consecutive weeks. Volunteer parents are participating gladly. Only problem is about the teaching materials and logistic expenses. As of now volunteer teachers are managing materials on their own. Board advised to get reimbursement for the logistic as time commitment and devotion with monetary contribution is not fair to them. Board also suggested to hold meeting with the parents of participating students about how to give continuation and sustenance. However, NAFA should bear the cost for the beginning session which runs until Dashain. For future we will conduct according to the suggestion of the volunteer teacher meeting.

2. Dashain Celebration preparation:

Coordinator Narendra Thapa briefed about the preparation. Hall booked from 4 PM tp 10 PM. Set up and close up volunteers informed. Archana S and Narendra Thapa will shop. Food cater has been ordered from Mirch Masala according to the menu fixed earlier per head $13. Narendra Thapa will enquire about how the kids rate will be. Tentative programs have been determined for pooja, snacks, Cultural program, scholarship give away, dinner and entertainment. Abiskar Bharati will do MC for Cultural program and Narendra Thapa for the rest of the programs. On behalf of NAFA board Acting President Purna Sherestha will thank the Dashain participants for participating and making the program successful.

Archana Dwa asked for the budget of $150. to award the cultural program performers.

3. Scholarship award :

Coordinator Surendra Prajapati briefed about the progress made regarding scholarship. Notices have been sent out couple times but no application has been received thus far. One final notice to send out in couple days and if no application received within the stipulated time we will just close the issue.

Discussion also was made regarding the worthiness of giving away of scholarship despite their lack of interest as compared to the students of other community making very hard work for the community to receive lesser amount of money as scholarship. NAFA board will revisit in future about it.

4. Sahitya Sanjh :

Coordinator Abiskar Bharati briefed about the program. Hall booked for Nov 16, Saturday for 4 hours costing $140. Request for poems for the competition requested and expected by Oct 31. External and internal judges have been arranged. The snacks will be prepared by the volunteers and they have been assigned the food to prepare. The cost of the food materials shall be reimbursed by NAFA. Tentative programs have been planned. The estimated budget per his e mail dated 9/30/2013 (excluding prize) is $570. Datails is

1.Church - 140$

2. Food - 250$(estimated looking at last year's budget, although it might change)

3. Miscellaneous (flowers/frames/paper plates/water/cutleries etc) - 180$

4. Prizes are all sponsored by NAFA Bijay Malla Sahitya Puraskar and NAFA Bal Sahitya Puraskar.

5. Resignation of Executive Board Member Srijan Tuladhar:

Act. President Purna Shrestha acknowleged the board that Srijan T has resigned from NAFA board due to his relocation out of Madison. NAFA board accepted the resignation unanimously. Purna Shrestha will inform about the acceptance of resignation and let all general members know about it. NAFA board thanks to Srijan for his contribution to the community as a executive member.

6 Holiday Gift Wrapping:

Archana Shrestha will co-ordinate the event. Ayodhya Batajoo will send out the form upon receipt of the letter from the mall Management.

7. Fulfilling the NAFA executive Secretary:

Since the secretary Santosh Lamichhane resigned from the position and accepted his resignation, the position was vacant for couple months. In the process of exploring to fill up the positon Board requested Abiskar Bharati and he accepted to serve the NAFA Board executive secretary. So NAFA board meeting unanimously approved him as a New Secretary.

Acting president Purna Shrestha will write him a formal letter with his new duties as a NAFA secretary as stipulated in the NAFA by law.

8. Web Hosting fee:

Purna Shrestha acknowledged the board that the web hosting fee has been waived after long hustle and bustle. New web design will be made soon by Rajeev Karn and Archana Dwa. Currently due to absence of our website Face book is only the media to reach to the public.

9. Liability Insurance:

Purna Shrestha mentioned that the liability insurance has been discontinued to the high premium. Board suggested to take policy on need basis.

Tentative date for next meeting will be second Saturday on November.

Meeting adjourned at 4:55 PM.

Minute by Ayodhya Batajoo