Minute September 06, 2014

Minute of NAFA Board Meeting

Date: Sept 6, 2014 (Time: 2:00 – 4:30 PM)

Venue: 505 Rosa Road, Madison WI

Attended By:

1. Purna Shrestha

2. Ayodhya Batajoo

3. Archana Dwa

4. Himal Regmi

5. Abiskar Bharati

6. Surendra Prajapati

7. Rajendra Aryal

8. Paul Benjamin

Agenda :

1. Review of past events (Children's day, Kakshya, DOR notice of estimated sales tax)

2. Dashain Celebration 2071 (Food Menu finalization, activity sub committee, sign up sheets and preparation on progress) - HIMAL REGMI (Coordinator)

3. Sahitya Saanjh - Abiskar Bharati

4. Holiday Gift Wrap - Archana Dwa

5. Financial Reports - Himal Regmi

6. Fund raising/establishing networks with local governments. (In cooperation of Paul)

7. Miscellaneous

1. Past Event :

(I) NAFA Picnic:

a. Picnic was held on August 9, 2014 (Saturday) at Sheehan Park, Sun Prairie WI from 10.30 am to 08.30pm. A total number of 115 people were present including 11 small children below 6 years.

b. It was a fun-filled day with excellent food, good music and programs for both children and adults i.e. Volleyball, dohori and antakshiri.

c. Everybody participated in all activities such as cooking, cleaning, serving and closing. Children’s entertainment program, Dohori songs and other fun activities were much appreciated.

d. Expenditure in Picnic program is yet to be calculated due to not receiving all receipts.

e. Next Year the Picnic program is scheduled at Token Creek Park, Deforest, WI.

f. Picnic was coordinated by Archana Malla Shrestha.

(II) NAFA Children’s Day:

a. Children’s Day was observed on August 24, 2014. Total of 19 children were present and 10 volunteers.

b. In first part of the day, Children learnt how to play Nepali game of ‘Ghain’ (घैं) and matching game – word with another word.

c. In second part, Children spent time in ‘Chuckee Cheese’ playing games and having lunch.

d. We are very grateful to Mrs. Archana Dwa for donating $100 (Hundred Dollars) to children’s day.

e. Expenses are yet to be calculated.

f. Event was coordinated by Archana Dwa on August 24, 2014.

(II) DOR notice of estimated sales tax:

a. Department of Revenue (DOR) estimated sales tax was charged to NAFA $336.50; NAFA appealed on determination and the fine has been waived for this point in time.

b. Each year $10 is charged to keep the account with DOR. Therefore, NAFA decided not to keep estimated sales tax account active.

c. Himal Regmi will send check of $20 to DOR (due amount).

d. NAFA will not have Sales tax account now onwards DOR.

2. Kakshya :

a. Briefing by Archana Dwa and Abiskar Bharati.

b. NAFA will support expenses for Kakshya from now on.

3. Dashain Celebration

a. Food Menu discussed (Same as last year’s)

b. NAFA is asking quotations from Indian as well as Nepalese Restaurants

c. Himal Regmi to send signup sheet via email to members.

d. Cultural coordinator : Archana Dwa ; Food coordinator : Himal Regmi and Archana Malla Puja coordinator : HDC (Krishna Sijapati), Jamara : Himal Regmi and Purna Shrestha, Durga Murti : Dinar Shrestha

e. Rate for Dashain Celebration: Member-$20, Non Member-$25 per person (same as last year).

g. Dashain 2071 event co-ordinator : Himal Regmi on Oct 4th 2014 from 4.00PM to 11.00PM

3.1 NAFA Scholarship:

f. NAFA scholarship ($500.00) program which was established to motivate college bound children to secure college admission has been discontinued. The decision was made in NAFA meeting on August 6, 2014 due to lack of applicants in the past years. Although this decision can be revisited in the future if there is a renewed interest and enthusiasm from the Nepali youth.

4. NAFA Sahitya Sanjh Program:

a. NAFA emailed the church for Venue reservation.

b. Abiskar will send email requesting Poems and Articles 30 days prior to the event.

c. ‘Bal Sahitya’ – coordinator is Archana Dwa.

d. Food potluck – Abiskar will setup menu and allocate food preparation to volunteers.

e. Coordinator - Abiskar Bharati on Nov 15th 2014.

5. Gift Wrapping

a. Coordinator : Archana Dwa.

b. Ayodhya Batajoo will forward the letter once received.

c. Date : Oct 31st 2014

5. Financial Report

a. American Family Insurance has given $500 for Dashain Celebration.

b. Financial statements are presented tri-monthly so not ready yet.

6. Fund raising/establishing networks with local governments. (In cooperation from Paul Benjamin)

a. Purna Shrestha notified Nepalese community in Madison of need for a room/space at least of 30’ by 40’ to run various activities for at least 20 hrs per week. This includes community activities such as periodical meetings, community rehearsals, HDC Puja, Kakshya and other NAFA activities.

b. Ayodhya Batajoo and Purna Shrestha are approaching Dane County, so they are seeking the help/guidance/suggestion from Paul Benjamin.

c. Surendra Prajapati notified no one in Madison,WI knows about the Nepalese Community. To show NAFA exists and the presence of a Nepalese community in Madison, we need to organize ‘Nepal Night’ kind of event.

d. Paul Benjamin will check with his references first and will inform the board ASAP.

He suggested starting ‘NAFA Youth Mobilization’ Program to support organization like Adult Literacy Program. This way bilingual youth will be involved in community. He told NAFA might have to generate 50% of the total sum if NAFA gets other 50% as a grant from county or municipality. He will dig into the matter and will suggest NAFA.

7. Miscellaneous

a. Need to engage children during NAFA formal programs like coloring book.

b. Abiskar Bharati is researching on website construction for NAFA.

c. NAFA Library has new Nepali books, some books are missing so need to send an email asking everyone to return the books.

8. Next Board Meeting

a. Date not set yet.

Minute prepared by : Abiskar Bharati