Minute September 23, 2007

September 23, 2007

Minutes of 9/23/07 Meeting:

Board Members in attendance:

  • Shreedhar Ranabhat

  • Radha Sijapati

  • Krishna Sijapati

  • Mark Grandau

  • Archana Shrestha

  • Naresh Shrestha

  • Ayodhya Batajoo

  • Pratima Sharma

Meeting began at 1:10pm

1) Dasai Celebration

The location will be the Shorewood Hills Community Center. Shreedhar was able to receive the room for $100 with the help of Sarah Jamison. The board voted to allow 2 members of the Jamison family for free as a thank you with the help acquiring the facility.

Price an additional pricing option was added a family price of $45 for members.


We will look to Cater many of the dishes. Krishna will investigate pricing (Maharaja, Darbar, and Swagat). We are estimating 120 people will attend.

Ayodhya will make potatoes.

Shreedhar will make meat.

The board voted to allow Shreedhar's and Ayadhya's family to attend the celebration for free.

Cultural Program

- Radha will organize the dance and games.

- Social religious Ceremony (setup and take down -everyone)

- Banner (Anju)

- Flier (Pratima)

- Music (Krishna will contact Manoj Kansakar for help)

Sponsorship letters will be sent out after Pratima creates the fliers.

RSVP's to Krishna by 10/5/07. So we have better idea of attendance. Multiple people will be assigned to collect money from members at the event.

2) Gift-wrap

We will only be doing the East town mall. No good dates were available for the West town mall gift wrap. The East town mall will be on Monday Dec 24th from 9am to 5pm.

Next meeting 10/07/07. Meeting adjourned at 2:20pm.

If there are any deletions or additions to these minutes please contact me and I will make corrections.

Respectfully submitted by:

Mark Grandau - Executive Secretary

Nepali American Friendship Association